Miranda Kerr's husband has been "trying to convince" her to have another baby.

The former Victoria's Secret Angel already has 11-year-old Flynn with ex-husband Orlando Bloom and Hart, four, and Myles, three, with spouse Evan Spiegel, but the Snapchat CEO wants to have another baby.

She told People magazine about the prospect of having another child: "[Evan has] been trying to convince me.

"That's what's happening."

The 39-year-old beauty is fascinated by the way all three of her kids have different outlooks on life.

She said: "Just seeing the world through my children's eyes and understanding that each of them has a different way of seeing the world

"Even though they're three boys, they've grown up in a similar environment, they really have a different perspective and I love understanding that and learning from them. And the curiosity that children have is so infectious...

"We have a [child] just turned three years old, a four year old and an 11 year old.

"So yeah, the 11 year old has started middle school and the three year old just started preschool and the four year old just today went through his interview for kindergarten. So everyone's got their little milestone."

Despite her busy working commitments, the KORA organics founder always prioritises her family and thinks it is essential to enjoy quality time with her husband.

She said: "I'm really committed to always putting my family first and also spending time with my husband is very important.

"And my grandmother taught me that you need to really put your husband first and really prioritize time together because she had four kids, many grandkids.

"And my grandma and grandpa were so in love up until the moment they passed. They died 20 days apart. And so she really had some good advice there of making sure you prioritize that time together and connecting because that bond is what holds the whole family together."