Miranda Kerr doesn't use all organic make-up.

The 37-year-old supermodel and KORA Organics founder uses natural products in her skincare routine, but she insisted most make-up brands haven't come up with the "technology or formula" that is "good enough yet" to use.

She told Elle.com: "You don't have to only use certified organic beauty products - I don't. I think that a balance is important. For instance, on my skin I'm using all certified organic products as a first layer on my face and body, but my make-up isn't all organic. Maybe my mascara isn't organic because the technology or formulation isn't good enough yet, or perhaps I like a shade of lipstick and it happens to not be organic - you can introduce [organic products] slowly."

The former Victoria's Secret Angel also revealed that she uses organic products on her husband Evan Spiegel, 30, and her kids.

Miranda - who has Flynn, 10, with ex-husband Orlando Bloom,  and Hart, two, and Myles, 16 months, with Snap Inc. CEO Evan - added: "We can't control what's in our air but we can control what we put on our skin and our bodies, which is why I use organic products on my whole family. My husband [Evan Spiegel] uses my KORA Organics face oil and I use it on my kids as well if they have any dry patches on their little cheeks. My 10-year-old son [Flynn] can tell the difference, he always asks me "Is that organic?" I see it as a good investment into our health."

The brunette beauty also cooks with organic produce to make sure her kids are getting all the goodness from the natural ingredients.

 She said: "If my kids want pancakes, instead I'll blend oats with a little almond milk and then banana to turn it into a delicious pancake mix. I put a little maple syrup on top and whisk up the solid part of a can of coconut milk so it's like cream. Or, I'll make coconut water ice pops. It does take more time and effort, sometimes I'm like 'this is so time consuming', but at the end of the day it's important."