Miranda Kerr has designed a jewellery collection for Swarovski.

The supermodel has teamed up with company to release two lines, Diapason and Duo, which are set to hit stores this autumn just in time for Christmas.

The brunette beauty - who is also the face of the brand - has based her Duo range on classic and romantic styles, while the Diapason line is ideal for layering and features gemstone-adorned chains and pendants.

Both will retail from $69 to $299.

She said of the collection: ''It's such a wonderful opportunity to be able to work with a brand that I know and that has such a strong history and has all of these amazing resources, and the technology and the experience.''

Duo also features a range of charms representing emotions such as Love and joy in the forms of tinys hearts, stars and an evil eye meaning strength.

Miranda told WWD: ''This is another extension of my creative side. What I really enjoy doing is creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Like with this collection, each little charm has a special meaning.

''The evil eye is my favourite, actually. That is about living your life with confidence. And so I feel like there's a piece in there to suit everyone.''

Robert Buchbauer, chief executive officer of the Swarovski consumer goods business is also pleased with the team up and is sure the former Victoria's Secret Angel's debut collection will be a success.

He said: ''Miranda just comes across very naturally. That means the credibility level that she's able to achieve by connecting to her audience, whether it's the press or whether it's our consumers in the world, is just amazing. You just look at her and she offers you a smile, and it's kind of like irresistible.

''Considering the size and the price points, I would say that it will be pretty successful internationally.

''They are about love, they are about protection, they are about bringing positive messages across. This way we are able to put more meaning behind our products and make them good gifts for the season, easy to choose for the gift giver and easy to understand for the recipient.''