Miranda Kerr is indeed an attractive woman, but she found herself unfortunately giving photographers more to admire of her in public than usual after a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Kerr is known for baring almost all, as she has spent years modelling for the underwear giants Victoria’s Secret; however any show of flesh was certainly unintended as she took part in a photo-shoot for a skin-care product yesterday (May 21, 2013). As E! Online reported (and showed pictures of,) Kerr gave the crew at the shoot a glimpse of her bare breasts, when the black sweater that she was wearing managed to slip down her torso, as she walked along Miami Beach on a sunny day.

Given that there wasn’t much going on with Kerr’s outfit down below either, perhaps it was trying to spare her modesty on that front, but the result was a bit of an eyeful for everyone in the vicinity. That was about the only thing to go wrong, however, with the rest of the shoot passing by without incident. She’ll be kicking herself, though, that it happened at all, especially when you’ve got the pervy photographers of the paparazzi on your tale. Maybe wear something a bit bigger next time, Miranda.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr left even less than this to the imagination