Miranda Hart admits that she was nervous ahead a particular scene in 'Emma' because it was such an important part of the story.

The 47-year-old comedian played the role of Miss Bates in Autumn de Wilde's take on Jane Austen's novel. In one scene, Miss Bates is belittled by Anya Taylor-Joy's Emma and Miranda felt under pressure to get it right.

She told Yahoo Movies UK: ''I was definitely the most nervous I've ever been on set that day. I knew the importance of the scene and not only did I want to get it right as an actor for Miss Bates - who I was totally in love with - but it's such a crucial moment in the film.

''I definitely feel the pressure so I thought 'remove all that, remove that worry and just think about what is happening in that scene'.

''Here was a woman who thought she had finally found a social standing, was accepted and happy and vaguely confident - and suddenly that world's not there.

''She's laughed at, the rug has been pulled from under her feet and she's made a laughing stock and I thought 'it's just that.'''

Miranda previously appeared in the comedy 'Spy' alongside Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy and admits that she is keen to do more projects in Hollywood, including playing dramatic roles.

She explained: ''I'm an actor for hire. I'm ready! There aren't hundreds of scripts coming through the door every day so I would love to do more films and my heart is always in comedy. I always look for the laughter in things and making people laugh is such a privilege.

''I feel more confident, now I'm middle aged, with my dramatic acting so to be able to do both would be fabulous.''