When 01.06.2013

Miranda Cosgrove is interviewed about her role as Gru's adopted daughter Margo in the animated comedy sequel 'Despicable Me 2'. She mentions Gru's new fatherly role, the differences from the first one and her favourite bits of the movie.

'In the beginning of 'Despicable Me 2' he's Gru-zinkerbell', she says, citing an example of the newly lovable Gru. 'The fairy princess that's gonna come to the big birthday party can't make it so he doesn't want to let all the little kids down so he dresses up. It's really sweet and I think it definitely shows how much he cares.' Despite having many of the same characters, Miranda insists the sequel is pretty different. 'This one I feel there's a lot of romance in it and it's more about love; like Gru's falling in love for the first time and my character Margo has a love interest', she reveals. She also adds, 'I'm really excited for audiences to see the Minions singing. I think those were some of my favourite parts.'

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