Oscar winner Mira Sorvino needed dental work after wrapping up new TV mini-series THE LAST TEMPLAR because she broke five teeth on the set.
The actress plays a female Indiana Jones in the upcoming TV event, and insisted on doing her own stunts for action sequences and fight scenes.
But it wasn't either of those that left her with smashed teeth - she was hit by a boat hook during a storm scene, after she was blinded by a wave.
She explains, "We were supposed to be on the Turkish sea in a storm to end all storms. A big wave came and washed my contacts out of my eyes, and a hook got caught, and it slams into my face and breaks five of my teeth."
But, despite the pain and the blood, The Mighty Aphrodite star agreed to complete the film in Morocco - and that included a messy kissing scene with co-star Scott Foley.
Sorvino adds, "They run with the make-up, and our wonderful producer decides, right now, Scott Foley and I should have a kiss to end all kisses.
"They painted my mouth a dark blood (colour)... and we have this kiss."