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Minstry Guitarist Mike Scaccia Dies After Collapsing On Stage

Guitarist Mike Scaccia has died at the age of 47.The musician, who played in bands Ministry and Rigor Mortis, collapsed on stage at the Rail Club in Forth Worth, Texas, on Saturday night (22.12.12) at...

Rigor Mortis And Ministry Guitarist Mike Scaccia Dies After Onstage Collapse

Mike Scaccia, the guitarist for rock groups Ministry and Rigor Mortis, has collapsed onstage and died, whilst celebrating his band mate Bruce Corbitt’s 50th birthday.Scaccia, aged 47, was playing with Rigor Mortis at the Rail...

Jourgensen Back With Retired Ministry

Heavy rock supergroup Ministry have been reactivated by Al Jourgensen just three years after he told fans there would never be another record or show.The group will join the Scorpions, Cradle of Filth and Hammerfall,...

Jourgensen Suing Over Ministry Documentary

Ministry founder Al Jourgensen is taking legal action to halt the distribution of his new rock documentary amid allegations the film's producer failed to give the rock icon approval of the final cut.Fix: The Ministry...

Ministry Founder Jourgensen Undergoes Foot Surgery

MINISTRY founder AL JOURGENSEN has reassured fans he's set for a speedy recovery following a series of foot surgeries.The producer and current RevCo rocker was shown wielding a cane in a recent video on,...

Jourgensen's Heroin Wake-up Call

MINISTRY frontman AL JOURGENSEN knew it was time to stop taking heroin when doctors amputated his toe and he came close to losing an arm. THE FALL rocker had spent all of his money...


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