An advert showing a woman dressed as a schoolgirl conducting a striptease for two men should not have been shown when children were watching.

The UK's advertising watchdog criticised broadcaster Box Television after it showed an advert for a mobile download of a controversial music video on its The Hits channel.

In the advert, which had no time restrictions, clips of HTwoO and Platnum's video for their What's It Gonna Be single were shown.

The video provoked controversy after showing a group of men and women wearing school uniforms dancing in front of a school.

In another section a woman performs a striptease in a classroom for one of the men, revealing a lacy red bra and pants under the uniform.

Two viewers who saw the advert on Sunday morning and Thursday afternoon complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that it was inappropriate to broadcast the clip when children could have been watching.

Producer Ministry of Sound Recordings said it had no plans to show the advert again while Box Television insisted it had not intended to cause offence.

The broadcaster added the music video itself had already been cleared by Ofcom over its "sexually provocative content".

In its adjudication the ASA warned The Hits of failing to apply scheduling restrictions to adverts inappropriate for children.

Earlier this year the watchdog criticised long-time foe Ryanair for depicting a young woman dressed as a schoolgirl with the strap-line "hottest back to school fares".

18/06/2008 00:01:00