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Ministry Of Sound Will Remain Open As Council Promises To Soundproof New Apartments

Ministry Of Sound have announced that they will not be closing down despite council plans to build a block of flats nearby.It's a case of 'everybody's happy' for now as the developer of a new...

Ministry Of Sound To Sue Spotify Over Compilation Replications

If a song isn't necessarily your own, can you still claim ownership if you have acquired the rights to place it on a compilation disc? This is what Ministry of Sound are trying to find...

Spotify The Difference: Your Playlists, Ministry Of Sounds' Playlists

Yet another controversial hour for music streaming giants Spotify as the Ministry of Sound have confirmed they’re suing over the use of playlists. The record label claim they have been asking Spotify to remove these...

'Striptease Schoolgirl' Advert Broadcast Rapped

An advert showing a woman dressed as a schoolgirl conducting a striptease for two men should not have been shown when children were watching.The UK's advertising watchdog criticised broadcaster Box Television after it showed an...

By on 18 June 2008

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