Mindy McCready’s former fiancé Billy McKnight has said that he is not surprised that the troubled country star took her own life, stating that he “knew it was in her.” She had reportedly attempted suicide four times before, in the space of seven years, according to a report from the Daily Mail. In an interview with the National Enquirer, McKnight expressed concern that she would have also killed their two children, had she had custody of them at the time that she shot herself.

McCready took her own life on the porch of her home in Arkansas, just weeks after her boyfriend David Wilson had also killed himself there. She shot his dog dead before turning the gun on herself. The 37 year old reportedly first attempted suicide back in 2005, when she overdosed on alcohol and pills, just a few months after McKnight had assaulted her, landing her in hospital. When she was back together with him, she then tried to take her life again and was found unconscious in a hotel lobby. A third suicide attempt was made in 2008, when she slit her wrists at her Nashville home and then another came in 2010, after she had taken an overdose. However, authorities were unclear over whether that incident was intentional or not.

Meanwhile, the founder of Vivid Entertainment has revealed that a se tape featuring Mindy McCready will not be distributed. The tape, entitled Baseball Mistress, features McCready and a former boyfriend, though it is unclear when it was filmed. 

Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready attempted suicide four times before she killed herself