Country star Mindy McCready's five-year-old son Zander is in foster care while his mother, father and grandma battle for custody of the little boy.
The You'll Never Know singer sparked a manhunt in November (11) when she took Zander from her mother's home in Florida and spent a week hiding out with him in Arkansas, insisting she had every right to be with her son.
In fact, MCCready had been stripped of her custody rights when she was jailed in 2008 and her estranged mother Gayle Inge was named the boy's guardian.
Following last year's family drama, MCCready, who is reportedly pregnant with twins, has revisited her custody battle insisting her son should be with her in Arkansas.
Zander's father Billy MCKnight wants him back in Florida, where his legal guardians live.
A representative for a state social services agency in Arkansas has demanded the custody case be transferred to Arkansas, where the five year old child is attending school and seeing a therapist, according to
But, in a ruling issued on Wednesday (22Feb12), a Florida judge decided to retain jurisdiction in the custody case while allowing Zander to remain in foster care in Arkansas.