Mindy McCready, a 37 year old country singer from the US, has appeared on the Today Show denying the murder of her partner and father of her son, David Wilson, who was found dead with a gun shot wound to the head on January 13th 2013. 

"I have never gone through anything this painful," she said in the interview. "He didn't just touch my heart, he touched my soul. He was my soulmate." The gun shot didn't kill him immediately and he was apparently responding for a little while, but making only sounds, rather than coherent words. McCready found him,  "I just started screaming, calling 911," she said. "I lay down next to him and just just pleaded with him not to die."

Currently the investigation remains open and once forensic examinations and tests should confirm whether or not his death was the result of suicide. Currently there are no suspects in the case and the police aren't considering McCready as one either. In a very strange twist to the story, the bullet that Wilson alledgedly shot himself with wasn't found until the following day because it was, apparently, in the dog's mouth.

McCready adamantly denies killing him, but she isn't convinced that he committed suicide either. When asked whether she thinks someone could have killed him, she replied: "I don't know."