“Who are you wearing?”, “Are you excited to be here?”, “Do you want to win?” are just a few of the inane questions that get yelled at the stars as they walk down the red carpet. But every now and then a question gets asked that is so mind-blowingly idiotic, or eyebrow-raisingly nonsensical that you just have to ask, how are these people allowed within 100 feet of celebrities? And more to the point, who thought it was a good idea to give them a microphone and put them on the television? Usually the answer is E! news.

mindy kaling red carpetMindy was asked to specify what race she found attractive

For instance, E! news correspondent Alicia Quarles recently asked The Mindy Project star Mindy Kaling what race of guys she likes. Yes, you read that right. “Who’s your type?” she asked Kaling, who seemed confused by the question. “Good looking?”, Kaling responded with the quizzical intonation of someone who is confounded. This wasn’t enough for Quarles though, who continued “So, any colour?”. It’s more than a little intrusive to begin with to ask the star what kind of men she likes, but to demand a race be included in her bizarre interrogation is just too much.

Woody Allen has previously talked about his irritation with asinine red carpet questions, remarking, “The amount of times that I...have been asked, ‘Is Scarlett Johansson your new muse? Is Penelope Cruz your new muse?’ Those questions are...silly...That’s one of the millions of questions I’ve [gotten] that are really, really stupid.” You can tell that decades working in the movie industry has definitely taken it’s toll on Woody’s threshold for foolishness and repetitive questions. Warning reporters, try to think of a new question for Mr. Allen, stat!

woody allen red carpetAllen is sick of stupid red carpet questions

One reporter cleverly asked Kevin Spacey a series of questions that would usually be asked a female star, to gauge his reaction. Unfortunately, she didn’t explain this to him first and he seemed to become impatient with her. When she asked him about his “mani-pedi” (a manicure and pedicure, or for the men out there, stuff that you do to your hands and feet to make them look nice) Spacey replied “My what? Did you start smoking before you came here today?”. After asking Spacey whether he was wearing Spanx (again, for the men, underpants that suck all the wobbly bits in) he replied “You are so f***ed up! Enjoy your Spanx”.

We can imagine it gets pretty tiresome being asked the same questions each time you walk down the red carpet, so we definitely feel for you, celebs. However, on the other hand, we know how hard it can be trying to think of original things to ask ya’ll so we can see it from both sides! Let’s all just give each other a break, shall we?

Watch Mindy Kaling on the red carpet in New York: