Mindy Kaling claims she has never seen her house during the day.

The 'Mindy Project' star admits she would love to spend more lazy days off at her cosy Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, but is far too busy.

She said: ''Being able to sleep for eight or nine hours after two Moscow mules - that's my feeling of happiness.

''I leave for work in the morning when it's dark, and I come back at night when it's dark, so I never get to see what my house is like during the day.

''I should have that [perfect] day more often, but then, I think the trade-off is that I get to have this dream job. I hire all my friends to come work on the show so it doesn't feel like 'work-work.' They help keep things in perspective for me.''

The 36-year-old actress also admits her friendship with ex-boyfriend BJ Novak is ''weird as hell'' and refuses to give her friends dating advice as a result.

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''No one needs a late bloomer in their mid-30s telling other people how to date.''