The Mindy Project star released her second memoir, Why Not Me? on Tuesday (15Sep15), and among the interesting anecdotes about her personal life in the book is a story about a romance with an unnamed White House staffer.

Kaling calls her former paramour "Will", describing the mysterious man as a tall Tennessee native with blonde hair and glasses. Like Kaling, who graduated from Dartmouth College, he is also an Ivy League graduate, and he "travels everywhere with the president".

Kaling says she and her ex were introduced two years ago at a New York City fundraiser President Obama was attending, and after her initial attraction to him, she agreed to let him have her email address.

The two corresponded with each other for several months - and then she was invited to the White House to meet the President.

She writes, "That was a moment when I realized how cool my life is. I was trying to hit on a guy and was being c**kblocked by the President of the United States."

Soon, Kaling found herself receiving invitations to a number of "incredible events in Washington D.C.", including holiday parties, Easter egg hunts and the White House Correspondents' dinner. She also reveals she and Will had a "late night of passion" that finally confirmed their romantic relationship, writing, "Will spent the night. The next morning when he was leaving, he was so shy and adorable in my foyer, that when I closed the door, I covered my mouth with my hand to stifle my scream."

Unfortunately distance got in the way of their romance and it ended soon after their magical night together.

Kaling recalls, "Will and I continued to text and email, and would try to see each other, but it never seemed to crystallize into anything more... All I had to do now was move on. In the words of both Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift, I knew I could shake it off."

Kaling previously dated her The Office co-star B.J. Novak and actor/comedian David Barton Harris.