Most actors and actresses will tell you that one of the most awkward parts of their job comes when filming sex scenes. As well as having to reveal most part of their bodies, those cameras hovering around everywhere make it very difficult to make everything seem genuine.

However, Mindy Kaling actually enjoys them, according to her new book! The Washington Post has published some excerpts from her upcoming autobiography entitled ‘Why Not Me’, including from a chapter called ‘I Love Sex Scenes!’, in which she claims that stars who complain about them are not being honest with the public. “I am here to tell you they’re all lying,” she says. “Every last one of ’em.”

Mindy KalingMindy Kaling reveals that she "loves" shooting sex scenes

“Obviously onscreen sex is not actual penetrative sex, but, as any religious high schooler will tell you, simulating sex can be pretty damn enjoyable as well,” the star of Fox’s ‘The Mindy Project’ writes.

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Hang on, mightn’t their complaints have something to do with all the crew members in the vicinity watching you? Not so, according to 35 year old Kaling. “To that I say, the more, the merrier! Most of those people are artists whose job it is to make sure your physical imperfections are cloaked in mysterious shadows,” she revealed. “By the end of the shooting day, you'll wish there were more people there.”

In the extracts obtained, she also gets round to explaining why she thinks that the stars tend to say they hate sex scenes. “People already think acting is the world's easiest and most frivolous job,” she reckons. “So we all have this tacit agreement to keep our traps shut about the world's best job perk.”

‘Why Not Me’ is scheduled for official release on September 29th.

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