Millie Mackintosh was ''totally overwhelmed'' with breastfeeding.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star - who welcomed Sienna Grace into the world two months with her husband Hugo Taylor - admits she struggled with feeding her little one at first and it only made her ''anxiety worse'' as she tried to look for advice online.

She wrote: ''Let's talk about breastfeeding - I found it really tough at the beginning. Although Sienna now latches on easily and is a good eater, it definitely didn't start that way. The first few days I had blistered, cracked nipples and the pain was so intense, I really didn't know how I was going to carry on. I spent hours online trying to find the best 'professional' advice on anything that would make the pain and dread stop, as I so desperately wanted to continue to breastfeed my baby girl. I found myself totally overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice which only made my anxiety worse.''

And the 30-year-old television personality and heiress admits motherhood has been such a ''journey'' for her.

She added in the Instagram post: ''Despite the blood, sweat, tears, and feeling like I'm leaking milk through countless outfits ... it's all worth it when I look down and see Sienna's tiny hand wrapped around my finger, watching her grow stronger every day. My heart melts when she gives the gift of a little smile. Motherhood really is a journey, and that's why sharing stories and tips is so important. I encourage any mothers, expectant mothers and those trying to conceive to join the app. It's the support system we all need.''