Millie Mackintosh's pregnancy was a ''rollercoaster''.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star - who has four-month-old Sienna with her husband Hugo Taylor - admitted her pregnancy was ''quite challenging'' and she struggled with anxiety through it.

She said: ''Pregnancy for me was a bit of rollercoaster. I'd love to tell you it was magical from start to finish, but in actual fact I found it quite challenging - I struggled badly with morning sickness in the early months and had a lot of anxiety. I had this irrational fear that something was wrong - especially when I started experiencing painful cramps. I was worried I might lose the baby, but with every scan that fear started to ease.''

However, when Sienna arrived, Millie admits it brought everything that had happened that year into ''perspective''.

She added: ''Those early days with a new baby feel like the most beautiful bubble. We were just at home and getting to know our baby girl. With everything 2020 had thrown at us, Sienna put everything into perspective. She gives us so much purpose and joy. Of course, there wasn't much sleep in those early weeks, but there were lots flowers and cake to make up for it.''

Millie felt ''vulnerable'' giving birth during the pandemic.

She told Sheer Luxe: ''Knowing I would give birth in the middle of a global pandemic was daunting. In a world where nothing is certain, where people are dying, where hospitals and staff are under more pressure than ever before, where loved ones are separated ... you can't help but feel vulnerable.''