Millie Mackintosh has been making her skin feel ''plumper'' with a revolutionary new home beauty treatment.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star saw a great improvement in the firmness of her skin after using the new must-have gadget CACI Microlift - a hand held device that uses micro-currents to reduce wrinkles and fine lines - and took to Twitter to share her delight at the results.

She wrote: ''Even after one session I started feeling the effect and my skin felt plumper and firmer.''

And the 25-year-old star isn't the only celebrity to have become a fan of the in-demand product.

Iconic supermodel Linda Evangelista enjoys regular CACI facials and has purchased the CACI Microlift so she can administer the treatments herself at home.

She tweeted: ''I'm a big fan of CACI facials, and have their portable Microlift machine at home.''

Model Danielle Lineker also wrote: ''I've really noticed the difference in my skin after using CACI Microlift. My skin feels younger and more lifted.''

The sought-after CACI Microlift machine is a non-invasive alternative to botox and promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by sending currents into the muscles under the surface of the skin causing the muscles to contract and pull the skin tighter.

The machine costs £350 and is flying off shelves in the run up to Christmas.

CACI Microlift creator Dean Nathanson said: ''We are struggling to keep up with demand for the Microlift this Christmas and many shops have made repeat orders because they have sold out, we hope we are able to get more out before Christmas.

''There are quite a few celebrity fans of the Microlift and they have recently taken to social media to say how much they like the anti-ageing effects of the treatment, it's created a real buzz for the product. Many of the celebrities were looking for an anti-ageing alternative to botox, and Microlift is perfect for that.''