Millie Mackintosh was a ''bridezilla''.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star's husband Professor Green has admitted she annoyed him at times with her constant positive attitude when he was battling depression.

He shared: ''I was a nightmare to be with. I was depressed and anxious about going out, recording my album, paying for the honeymoon.

''Millie's optimism could sometimes be f***ing annoying. She could be a bit of a 'bridezilla' and say, 'It'll all get better,' but when you're depressed you don't believe that. I was a prick for a while, to be honest.''

The 31-year-old rapper also opened up about the pair's trips to therapy, admitting he mostly attends the sessions on his own because he can't talk to his wife the way he talks to his therapist.

Speaking to The Times newspaper added: ''Therapy is something I find really helpful. You need a third voice in a relationship. There are some things you cannot say to each other.

''Mostly I go on my own because I cannot talk to Millie the way I talk to my therapist. She didn't go through what I have been through, and to be honest it's not her job to understand. I am her husband and to bring all my crap into a marriage would just make it dysfunctional.''