Millie Bobby Brown uses social media to find inspiration for her beauty line.

The 16-year-old actress launched Florence by Mills in 2019 and she's excited about what the future holds for the range, explaining she likes to go online to find new trends in make-up and skincare.

She said: ''The reaction has been amazing and fans have really understood the message behind it, which is: be true to who you are and don't cover up anything.

''There are more products coming and we have product development meetings about what we're going to do next.

''With Florence, we like to scour social media to find new trends because the makeup and skincare realm is always evolving.''

When it comes to her own skin, the 'Enola Holmes' star sets aside the time to give herself a facial every week.

Asked how important self-care has been do her during lockdown, she told Vogue UK: ''It's very important to me. It's very humid outside so my skin is my everything right now [laughs].

''I give myself facials once a week, do face masks, chill out and watch reality TV with my mum.''

Meanwhile, Millie admitted filming her 'Enola Holmes' fight scenes in a corset and ballgown was initially difficult, but she eventually felt so comfortable, she forgot all about the restrictive garments.

She said: ''I trained for a really long time with the stunt department, focusing on choreography.

''There are moments when you think, 'I could do without this giant wooden thing wrapped around me,' but I definitely got used to it.

''It's surprising because you forget you have it on, and then at the end of the day when I can bend my back and move my arms properly, I'm like, 'Wow! This is crazy!' ''