Millie Bobby Brown ''freaks out'' when she's not working.

The 'Stranger Things' star admits she has found it tough not working during the coronavirus pandemic and she missed ''playing someone else'' in lockdown.

She said: ''Not working freaks me out.

''At first I slept in, ate whenever and whatever. I got my dog, Winnie the Pooh, in March, and we would cuddle. But by month three I was dying to dress up like a character and go play someone else. I even missed the corset!''

And the 16-year-old actress has been enjoying arts and crafts in quarantine.

Asked if she has taken up any new hobbies in lockdown, she added: ''Lots and lots of arts and crafts. My little sister and I painted, did lots of tie-dying, and I think I bejewelled everything in the house. We also watched 'Friends'. Every night we would watch the news, which was really scary.

''Of course, that's the reality of what's going on, but my little sister, who is 8, would get overwhelmed with fear, so every night I would turn on Friends. And I would get so happy. I love everything about that show.''

Meanwhile, Millie also revealed she got her driver's license in lockdown.

She shared to W magazine: ''Well, I got my driver's license in quarantine. It was very strange taking a socially distanced driving test. And I do think that being 16 might mean a different fashion moment for me: more adult, perhaps more sophisticated. But other than that, 16 does not feel different.''