Millie Bobby Brown is "ready" for 'Stranger Things' to end.

The 19-year-old actress was just 12 years old when she was cast as Eleven in the Netflix series and ahead of the upcoming fifth season - which has been delayed due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes - the British star admitted she is ready to "blossom and flourish" elsewhere.

She told WWD about the show ending: “I think I’m ready. It’s been such a huge factor in part of my life, but it’s like graduating high school, it’s like senior year. You’re ready to go and blossom and flourish and you’re grateful for the time you’ve had, but it’s time to create your own message and live your own life.”

Millie rarely uses social media these days and feels "better" to have deleted apps such as Instagram from her phone.

She said: “I personally feel it wasn’t adding anything to my life. And I felt positive when I didn’t have it on my phone. I just felt like I could live my life with more confidence and freedom, mental freedom [without social media].

"I just feel better for it. But that doesn’t mean that the good social media I don’t get to see: I just have a wonderful team that kind of censors it all, so that I can protect myself.”

But the 'Enola Holmes' star enjoys studying fans posts to see their thoughts on her Florence by Mills Beauty range.

She said: “TikTok, Facebook, Instagram — I love seeing the way people use Florence. It’s really cool. Even though I don’t have those social medias actually on my phone, I get to have people send them to me.

“It’s really cool to see how people use the brand in their own way. In most of the tutorials I always say ‘you can do it like this, but ultimately it’s your journey.’ They’re your products.”