Miley Cyrus is trying to convince Taylor Swift to get a tattoo.

The 17-year-old 'Hannah Montana' star reportedly wanted her pop singer friend to get the words "Just Breathe" - which Miley has etched under her left breast - inked onto her body.

However, Taylor - who has no body art - was said to be horrified at the thought of getting an inking and refused go under the needle.

According to National Enquirer magazine, Taylor, 20, told her: "My mom would kill me! Besides I hate needles."

Miley's heavily tattooed brother Trace - who fronts the band Metro Station - has previously revealed he wants him and Miley to get matching tattoos.

Trace - whose father is Billy Ray Cyrus - said: "I already have a matching one with my dad, there's no reason I wouldn't do it with my siblings. Someone you're that close to, it's something that means something to you obviously, so why wouldn't you do it?"