Miley Cyrus has made her next big move after last month's MTV VMAs twerking performance with Robin Thicke that had the internet chattering and eyebrows lost into hairlines. Such was the backlash to former Disney star Cyrus' dance routine - including Anna Wintour pulling a Vogue Christmas cover - that you'd think Miley would have toned down her raunchy performances.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Receives More Attention Now Than Ever After Her Dramatic Transformation.

Well, perhaps spurred by the sudden spotlight upon her young self, Miley's back with a brand new music video and the follow-up to the summer's bit hitting 'We Can't Stop.' What has really set the gears of the internet gossiping in motion again is the 20 year-old's performance in the video. True, she's not twerking this time but she's still in her underwear (and sometimes out of it) and wagging that ever-present tongue of hers.

Listen To/Watch Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Video:

'Wrecking Ball,' the slower second single from upcoming album Bangerz, thankfully ditches that awful 'We Can't Stop' drawl and weird distorted man vocals. Nope, this song's all about Miley and only Miley as she swings around naked on a wrecking ball in the video and licks a hammer. The song lacks the catchy melody heard on her first single and, with clear Lana Del Rey-nuances, the lyrics follow a generic, practically staid trend of singing about the scars from a love that didn't quite work out.

Miley Cyrus MTV
Let's Hope 'Wrecking Ball' Is A Grower.

The piano ballad's supposedly anthemic chorus is lost as we watch Miley stumble about amongst some rumble and become irritated by how her trademark red lipstick is applied in the many close up shots of her face. The piano plinks and plonks in the background and we pray for some aspect of the song to latch on to aside from the video's distracting artistry.

Miley Cyrus Teen Choice
Miley Cyrus Teamed Up With Photographer Terry Richardson For The Video.

Acclaimed fashion photographer Terry Richardson is the directing force behind 'Wrecking Ball' and we certainly feel his influence in the starkly lit shots and shocking moments. The video now has had over 40 million views on YouTube, after breaking viewing records for its first 24 hours with 19 million views. This rocketing figure only two days after the video's release beg the question: many of those headed to the video to actually went to listen to the song, instead of to gawp at another naked Miley doing some shocking things?