Miley Cyrus has been interviewed by Ronan Farrow for W Magazine, in what might be the most revealing profile of the singer yet. Appearing naked in bed on the cover, what goes on inside the magazine has ended up being even more exposing with Miley dishing on porn, weed, her music collection and how she really “doesn't give a shit.”

Miley Cyrus at the pre Grammy gala, earlier this yearMiley Cyrus at the pre Grammy gala, earlier this year

1  Miley finds kids rude.
She may have the adoration of most of the world’s tween population, but it seems the feeling is not mutual. The singer reveals, “I don’t love kids.”,  it seems she finds kids theses days rude, especially when it comes to how they treat their parents. Miley said, “if I ever talked to my mom like that when I was a kid, I would have had no phone, no computer, no TV, no anything, and so, yeah, kids are just mean.”

2. She’s naked because as a kid she didn’t wear shoes.
Try and follow this one. Miley describes her idyllic childhood on a 500-acre farm in Franklin, Tennessee where her and her siblings spent their days playing outside saying, “we never were inside, and we never wore shoes.” This early lack of footwear is what Miley thinks has led to her grown up desire to shed her clothing at every opportunity with the singer pondering, “I think it’s why I like wearing no clothes so much and I’m always naked.” Go figure.

3. It’s all about expressing personal style
However the real reason behind Miley’s current transformation is to show girls that they can look and act however they want, exclaiming, "you don’t have to wear makeup. You don’t have to have long blonde hair and big titties. That’s not what it’s about. It’s, like, personal style." Drawing on Madonna and Joan Jett for inspiration she goes on to say , “I like that I’m associated with sexuality and the kind of punk-rock shit where we just don’t care. Like Madonna or Blondie or Joan Jett—Jett’s the one that I still get a little shaky around. She did what I did in such a crazier way.”

4. She “doesnt give a shit.”
You might have guessed this one already, but Miley confirmed that she really “doesn't give a shit.” Responding to claims that she exploits her minority backup dancers  the singer said, “I don’t give a shit. I’m not Disney, where they have, like, an Asian girl, a black girl, and a white girl, to be politically correct, and, like, everyone has bright-colored T-shirts. You know, it’s like, I’m not making any kind of statement. Anyone that hates on you is always below you, because they’re just jealous of what you have.”

5.”Guys watch too much porn.”
Referring to her inability to trust men after her recent split from fiancee Liam Hensworth, Miley says, “Guys watch too much porn.” The singer reveals that she feels men and women have unrealistic ideas of each other, adding “those girls don’t exist. They’re not real girls. And that’s like us watching romance movies. That’s girl porn, because, like, those guys do not exist.”

Miley and her ex Liam Hensworth, the break up has left her untrusting of menMiley and her ex Liam Hensworth, the break up has left her untrusting of men

6. She has surprisingly good taste in music.
So maybe we shouldn't be surprised, but you cant help but be taken aback a little when Pink Floyd are reffered to as ‘her favourite band.’ It seems the singer has a huge vinyl collection and is happy to now have creative control over her music. Speaking about her time as a 'Disney' performer she said she fought with producers “to a point where I’d be shaking. But I’m just intense like that.” over the direction of her music.

7. If no one buys her album it’s fine.
Now that Miley is in charge of her own sound she feels she doesn't have to prove anything or be concerned with album sales, saying “you know, I’ve made my money. If no one buys my album, cool. It’s fine. I’ve got a house, and I’ve got dogs that I love. I don’t need anything else.” One of her biggest inspirations is her godmother Dolly Parton, whom she idolises and hopes to be like, gushing, “I hope I’m like Dolly—where I’m just still going at 75.”

8. Miley’s not very political
The singer prefers not to get involved with politics saying, ““the news kind of gives me a little bit of anxiety,” However though she doesn't want to be drawn into the debate on the legalisation of marijuana she does admit she loves getting stoned and adds, “I just want it to be back to where it’s, like, organic, good weed.”

9. She’s broadening her horizons.
Since splitting with Liam, the singer has become more interested in the arts beyond music. Her current obsessions include photographer Cindy Sherman and the 1951 film version of A Streetcar Named Desire, starring Viven Leigh. She’s also looking to read more, even asking Ronan Farrow to make her a reading list but wants, “nothing too heavy,” and “nothing boring.”

Miley performing at last year's Jingle Bell BallMiley performing at last year's Jingle Bell Ball

10. She’s got a lot to say
Miley might take a lot of media scrutiny for her public image, but beneath it all there’s a girl with a lot she want’s to express. W Magazine’s interview might be one of the best and most honest pieces we’ve seen on Cyrus yet and it certainly makes for an interesting, informative read.