Ok so it's easy to take a pot shot at Miley Cyrus. There's the twerking, the Sinead O'Connor thing and that MTV Video Music Awards performance. We could argue that she's brought on the whole thing herself, though it's interesting to get an insight into Miley's world at the minute; which is mainly paparazzi, crazy fans and security guards.

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus Hosted Saturday Night Live For The Second Time

In one of our new videos from the SNL afterparty in New York, Miley is seen happily posing for photos with fans. Things begin to turn serious when more and more fans begin swamping the pop-star. Her security guards are heard repeatedly telling people to move away and, by the end, Miley is almost carried back to her car.

In another of the clips, a couple of female fans spot Miley relaxing with a friend at the after-party. They begin to giggle while peering through the glass. In fairness to Cyrus, she throws her hands behind her to acknowledge the fans though as the crowds begin to swell outside, she and her entourage eventually get up and move to another table.

Watch Miley Cyrus trying to take photos with fans:

Earlier in the evening, Miley had ignored fans when entering the after-party though the throng of fans queuing outside her vehicle made it difficult for autographs and photographs. In the car, Miley was seen attempting to hide her face with her hand and her bag. A friend next to her appears to be smoking some sort of cigarette.

Watch Miley Cyrus getting bothered by fans at the SNL afterparty:

It was Miley's second time hosting Saturday Night Live and on the whole she received positive reviews from critics. The consensus was that Miley's acting and sense of humor made the show "good but not great." In other words, nowhere near as good as Justin Timberlake but about fifty times better than Justin Bieber.

Miley Cyrus's fourth studio album Bangerz gained mixed reviews from critics, though most made note of the singer's obvious development.

"Sometimes, the 20-year-old's vision needs to be adjusted, as on the manic French Montana collaboration "FU" and on "Someone Else," which feels like the album's hundredth dramatic breakup song and plays for nearly five minutes. But more often than not, Cyrus' daring attitude guides her to invention," said Billboard.

Watch the video of Miley Cyrus arriving at the SNL afterparty:

"It's utterly fresh, a pop blitz from a hip-hop blueprint, and proof that Miley won't settle for just shocking us," wrote the Entertainment Weekly.

"Overall, there are more hits than misses," concluded The Guardian.

On a side note, we should probably lay off Miley regarding Sinead O'Connor. The whole open letter thing was a little strange in the first place, and although Cyrus's tweets were equalliy misplaced, it seems the young starlet has nothing against the Irish singer-songwriter.

In the last of our Miley videos today, she is seen praising Sinead on the Today show, saying, "I think she's an awesome songwriter and she really inspired my 'Wrecking Ball' video...I know who I am and I know that I am an artist and I know that I put all this time and this effort into my record. My record is proof of really who I am."

Watch Miley Cyrus talking about Sinead O'Connor here: