It's almost shocking these days to see Miley Cyrus fully dressed so we didn't even bat an eyelid when a topless 'pre-shower selfie' of the 21-year-old popped up on Instagram. Most celebrities would be filing legal paperwork if a paparazzo had caught them in such a compromising position but Cyrus readily shares her body, feelings and out sized tongue with the entire world. Whether it's on Instagram or Twitter, Cyrus makes her presence felt.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus: thought provoking or attention seeking?

The images, both posted on 14th June, show Cyrus before and after her shower. In the first, Cyrus stands in front of a mirror and takes a snap of herself with the underside of her breasts in full view and her phone strategically placed so no nipple can be seen. Where her left nipple would have shown, Cyrus used a cartoon octopus in cover up. Cyrus wore her hair in a bizarre quiff and, of course, had her tongue stuck out. Whilst the post shower selfie showed her lying on her back wearing a bra and a pair of side tie knickers.

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The Examiner suggests this may all be in support of the Free the Nipple campaign which is attempting to challenge US ideas surrounding nudity in media. Cyrus has previously referenced the movement by posing with a giant nipple back in December. However, Cyrus hadn't added the appropriate hash tag and in the post shower picture was wearing a bra. Is Cyrus making a political statement or is she merely being attention seeking? We suspect it may be the latter. 

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