Miley Cyrus is urging mothers to talk to their teenagers about sex in a bid to make sure the next generation of young women don't define themselves by what favours they can do for a man in the bedroom.
The singer/actress admits she is tired of meeting 20-somethings who appear to use sex as nothing but a means of getting on in life, insisting they have missed everything that is beautiful about a meaningful, intimate relationship with a loved one.
Cyrus, who is dating Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, says, "Girls that really base what they're worth on the sexual favours that they can do for somebody... that makes me really sad, because sex actually is really beautiful.
"It's the only way that we create and it's the only way that the world keeps going."
She also tells U.S. talk show host Amanda DeCadenet it's up to parents to give their daughters a proper sexual education.
Cyrus adds, "It's ignorant to not talk to your kids about it or to (not) make it seem as magical and cool as it actually is. They (teenagers) have a TV; they know what sex is... Educate them. Let them know that they wouldn't be here without it. It is a beautiful thing and it is magic and it is when you connect with somebody - and it isn't how much you're worth."