Miley Cyrus appears to be feeling better after she was hospitalised last week. Cyrus and her representatives have been keeping her fans up to date with her condition whilst she recovers in a Kansas City hospital. 21-year-old Cyrus was hospitalised following an allergic reaction she suffered on Tuesday (15th April).

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has been in hospital for the past few days with an allergic reaction.

According to her representative who issued an official statement, which Cyrus shared on Twitter, Cyrus was prescribed the antibiotic Cephalexin after suffering from a sinus infection whilst on tour. As her representative announced she had suffered an "extreme allergic reaction" to the medication. The statement also added how an allergic reaction of this type could last from "five to 27 days". It's been four days since Cyrus was first hospitalised so we're all hoping she's well on the way to recovery! 

Warning: Cyrus' Tweet contains strong language:

Cyrus has kept her fans up to date with her recovery and tweeted earlier today (19th April) that she had managed to sleep through the night in hospital without medical assistance. Cyrus wrote "My first night sleeping all the way through by myself. No nurses need. Now up for breathing treatments. Please say I'm on the road to recovery!" 

Cyrus' sense of humour has definitely returned too as, whilst previous Instagram pictures showed her looking forlorn, a recent image of Cyrus with breathing apparatus definitely showed Cyrus is feeling a little better! Cyrus, whilst wearing breathing apparatus with a duck's bill on it, posted the picture on Instagram and added the caption "This hospitals full of a bunch of - Get It? QUACKS."

Unfortunately, the remainder of her Bangerz concerts have been postponed as Cyrus is still not well enough to perform. Her representative has kept fans up to date regarding the tour but a statement released today announced Cyrus would be not completing the US leg of her Bangerz tour. The concerts in - Unionville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Nashville, Louisville, St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago - have been postponed until August. Fortunately for Cyrus' European fans, this leg of the tour, due to start on 6th May, will continue as planned. 

Get well soon Miley!

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Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus will still be continuing her Bangerz tour in Europe.