Miley Cyrus' parents are desperate for her to mend her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

The 20-year-old singer's parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus were shocked by her sudden split from her 23-year-old Australian fiance and hope they get back together because they think he is a good influence on their daughter.

A source told ''Miley's parents do not want to see this split happen, they're really worried about Miley. They hate the idea of Miley being single, especially now that she's going through such a wild stage. They know Liam's a good influence on her, he's very stable and unlike some guys she's been with they know he's not using her for money or fame.

''Liam's no angel, he likes to drink and have fun, but mostly he's very focused on his career. He's extremely disciplined and they think he's a good influence on Miley. Without him around to keep her on track who knows how wild she could get, it's a huge worry for them and if she's single they know it will only get worse.''

Miley's parents are also upset that her engagement could be over because of their conservative beliefs.

The insider explained: ''When Miley moved in with Liam before getting married, it was a huge deal. It caused a lot of tension between Billy Ray and Tish because he felt like she was encouraging Miley to go against their faith. Billy Ray got over the fact that they were living in sin when they got engaged -- that was a big relief for him. If the wedding doesn't happen he's going to take it very hard. They have their own issues in their marriage so the last thing they need is another fight over Miley.''

Liam - who is allegedly tired of Miley's partying and is rumoured to have cheated on her last month - is currently spending time with his family in Australia, where he is said to be contemplating the future of their relationship.