Miley Cyrus has sashayed into the world of rap with Mike WiLL Made It's new song, '23,' featuring the twerking 20 year-old on guest vocals alongside Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. The song and music video are an unabashed Michael Jordan tribute, as the crew rock basketball outfits in a school gym and stomp about to flashing lights in their "Jays." The track title, '23,' is a reference to Jordan's jersey number.

Miley Cyrus
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The accompanying music video shows the crew invading a high school after hours. Mike WiLL Made It and his so-called "Made It Mafia" roll into the gym bedecked in Michael Jordan gear whilst Miley opts for basketball jersey dresses, a patent leather pinafore, kitten heels, a tiny Chanel bag, and plenty of her signature gyrating flesh.

One of the highlights of the 5 minute video is when Wiz Khalifa starts conducting a "chemical analysis" of the crew's favourite shoes, the Jordan trainers, AKA "the Js," after about nine different pairs are showcased in the vid. Surrounded by chemical flasks, Wiz attempts to extract that "unique" DNA from the sneakers in the gym as lots of complicated looking formulae flash on the screens. Do let us know what you discover, Wiz.

Listen To Miley Cyrus' '23' [Explicit]:

Miley's infamous foam finger also makes an appearance but is this time coordinated with the crew's red, black and white wardrobe and even has a nail varnished fingernail detail. Cyrus is every inch the school rebel as she hangs out smoking in the toilets and writes '#23' on the mirror in red lipstick. Critics will roll their eyes to see that Miley's ever-present tongue is back to loll out of the young star's mouth.

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa Ditches Rap For Shoe-Ology.

A grating synth noise like a child's toy ambulance kicks in and Mike sings "I'm so fresh" over the school tannoy mic. Miley's irritatingly staccato verse begins, welcoming back that distorted 'We Can't Stop' deep voice before she resumes her distinctive drone for the chorus. "I'm looking like a model/who just got a cheque[...]If you're lame that's a shame/you can't hang with us," she boasts. The video draws to a close with the four chilling out in the bleachers, taking a break from stirring up trouble.

Miley Cyrus Black Jumpsuit
Will Miley Delve Further Into The World Of Rap? Hope Not.

A pop song, a ballad, now a rap, what'll be the next Miley move?

The pop star is releasing a new documentary, Miley: The Movement, on the 2nd October and her new album Bangerz will be out on the 8th October.