Miley Cyrus says her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, caused her to suffer a ''head injury'' when she was just two years old.

The 'Midnight Sky' hitmaker has confessed her famous father took her out on a dirt bike when she was just a toddler, and the trip resulted in a nasty injury which Miley has been monitoring for years by getting regular brain scans.

She explained: ''I had a head injury when I was, you know, two years old. It's bad. My dad had me - this is really bad, but he can't go to jail, I don't think, because it's a long enough time away. He had me in a baby backpack and I was on a dirt bike with my dad. And he was riding, and a tree had fallen, and he ducked, I didn't, and I hit my head on the tree. It was bad. So that's what's wrong. Everyone's asked me that for years.''

And the 27-year-old singer thinks her injury may have impacted her brain's development, as she says there are qualities about her personality that don't always make sense to her.

She added during an appearance on the 'Joe Rogan Experience' podcast: ''Maybe it knocked me into this identity, or something ... I also have a tendency, when I know something's really stupid, I just gotta try it, to know that it's stupid, which makes it stupid, 'cause I already knew about it. Sometimes I'm like, is it better to know it's dumb and do it? Or not know it's dumb and do it? That's the head injury.''

Meanwhile, Miley recently said she's become more emotionally resilient after spending years in the spotlight, but also acknowledged she fears becoming ''calloused and cold''.

She said: ''I was thinking about how I've gotten pretty tough and sometimes I struggle with that.

''I struggle with my own strength because I definitely don't want to become calloused and cold. I feel like I'm a very warm, let-love-in-really-easy person and I really don't want that to change, but in a way I'm super tough.

''And yesterday I was thinking, but love is tough. Life is tough.''