Reports suggest Tish Cyrus is so worried about the pot-loving singer's drug use, she has been reaching out to Miley's ex-fiance Hemsworth and her last boyfriend, Schwarzenegger, and urging them to "talk some sense" into the 22 year old to enrol in a 30-day treatment programme.

However, Miley's mum insists there is no truth to the claims, telling the allegations are "absolutely bogus" and "complete BS (bulls**t)".

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker has made no attempt to hide her love of marijuana on social media or onstage, and even landed MTV bosses in trouble with critics with her many pot references during her stint as host of the Video Music Awards last month (Aug15).

During the event, the singer cracked lots of jokes about her love of weed, sang about it in her finale song Dooo It! and even appeared in a skit with her grandma, in which fellow stoner Snoop Dogg turned into a pig to help her through "a heavy trip".

Campaigners at anti-smoking organisation The Truth Initiative, who sponsored ads about the dangers of tobacco use during the telecast, made it clear they were not happy, while the show also upset members of watchdog organisation the Parents Television Council.

President Tim Winter said, "What they're (MTV) basically doing is telling everyone, especially kids... that marijuana use is nothing to eschew."