Miley Cyrus finally discusses her recent lengthy hospital stay.

The 21 year-old was hospitalized on April 15th for having a "severe allergic reaction" to some antibiotics she was taking.

Since then Cyrus, who was currently on her 'Bangerz' tour, was forced to cancel several shows due to being ill.

As the cancelations increased the pop star decided to move all of her remaining US dates to August, but the European leg of the tour, which starts next month, is expected to continue as planned.

Cyrus had constantly tweeted about her time in hospital, but on Monday (April 28th) she spoke about it in depth for the first time when she phoned in for an On Air With Ryan Seacrest radio interview.

"I'm doing good," the 'Wrecking Ball' singer told the host. "I'm much better-happy to be on the phone with you guys, happy to be getting back on the road. You have no idea."

"I was on this medicine for five days-everything was all good-and on the sixth day, I just woke up and it was so scary," Cyrus continued to recall. "When you're allergic to something, you're basically poisoning yourself, so I had just basically been poisoning myself with something I didn't know I was really scary allergic to. It was so scary."

After a week of receiving treatment from doctors, Miley was finally released this past Thursday (April 24th), but by this time her remaining shows had already been rescheduled.

"It was insane," she continued. "I was begging the doctors, 'Let me out to go do the show!' It was basically, 'No way.'"

"I never thought I was going to get stuck in there for as long as I did," Cyrus also admitted. "I thought it was going to be a night and I was in there five or six days."

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Only one positive thing came from this traumatic ordeal, and that was Cyrus experiencing a new type of transportation.

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"I went on my first ambulance ride," the "We Can't Stop" singer said. "That, I was excited about."

The 'Bangerz' tour will commence in Europe on Friday May 2nd.

Miley Cyrus
Cyrus calls her hospital stay "insane"