Miley Cyrus' recent home intruder has been convicted of both trespassing and resisting arrest. Some of you might remember that a 40 year-old man by the name of Jason Luis Rivera recently hopped the fence of Cyrus' home and proceeded to wield scissors manically around her house after claiming that he was her husband.

The incident took place on September 8, 2012, and capped a pretty stressful weekend for Cyrus, with it also being reported (and since proved false) that she'd been involved in a night club fracas around that time. Cyrus wasn't at home during the time of the incident, thankfully, and Rivera has been in jail ever since being arrested by police at the scene, a bail fee of $10,000 not being paid. Rivera pleaded not guilty to the charges last month, causing Lt. Brian Wendling to wryly quip "I would say delusional is a good characterization of him," to E! News.

With this out the way, hopefully Cyrus can get back to focusing on her career. A new look revealed in September was supposed to attract headlines, unfortunately it's been this that has seen her name crop up, instead. The 19 year-old does have a new album on the way, though and will be releasing a new single before the year's out.