Miley Cyrus has the rock 'n' roll spirit, according to Alice Cooper.

The 'Poison' singer thinks the 22-year-old pop star - who shocked the world when she twerked against Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMA Awards and has continued her crazy antics - is much ''wilder'' than her male counterparts and her respects her.

He told The Daily Star newspaper: ''It's so weird that all the pop divas are wilder now than the guys in rock 'n roll bands. Miley Cyrus is like a true Hollywood Vampire. She's got that same spirit of that '70s era of living life to the full.''

Although he is dismayed by the lack of partying by male rock stars, Alice admits British music still impresses him.

He said: ''New British bands like The Strypes and The Struts are great and even Mumford and Sons' new record impressed me.''

Alice has formed a super-group called Hollywood Vampires with actor Johnny Depp, 52, on guitar and Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, 73, and Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl, 46, contributing to the self-titled album of covers.

And while he thinks Miley would be worthy of joining the band, he says Johnny is the perfect partner because he's such a great guitar player.

Alice, 67, said: ''He became a serious actor, but he never out his guitar down and he knows these songs inside out. Johnny's guitar is like Johnny, cool and loose. Paul wanted to play on the album because it honours John Lennon's memory, and if he wants to play on stage with us that'd be great.''