So, err... this is going to be weird and uncomfortable for everyone involved, but today’s topic is Miley Cyrus’ nipples. Specifically, the photo of said nipples, which Miley posted on her Instagram account, ostensibly as part of Rihanna’s whole “free the nipple”... campaign? Initiative? Hashtag trend? We don’t even know what to call this one.

Miley Cyrus
Miley didn't quite break the internet, but we appreciate the end-of-year effort anyway.

The photo, posted by Miley late on Saturday, was pretty editorial – a black and white shot of the starlet from the waste up, nude and staring into the distance. But she lead up to it with some slightly more controversial material – collages of her face from the early Hannah Montana years on the bodies of random topless women.

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She may have been making a point there, because the pictures, however unsettling they are, are still up, while the one photo, a rather pretty one, has since been taken down. Bear in mind that the photo did not actually go against Instagram’s nipple-banning guidelines – everything was pixelated, blacked out, hidden away from the eyes of young, impressionable children and such.

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So was Miley referencing Chelsea Handler’s recent attempts to upload a topless photo to her account, which led to their eventual removal from the service? She definitely seemed to be calling back to Scout Willis’ #freethenipple activism earlier this year.