Miley Cyrus has teased that her hotly-anticipated duet with Dua Lipa is coming "pretty soon".

After the pair teased fans about their collaboration by posting pictures in the studio with the record's producer, Andrew Watt, the 'Midnight Sky' hitmaker revealed the 'Don't Start Now' hitmaker appears on her upcoming follow-up to 2017's 'Younger Now' along with punk rock legend Billy Idol.

She said: "You guys think I'm joking, like Britney and Nine Inch Nails, but I'm not, I've got Billy Idol and Dua Lipa on the same record."

And now, Miley has revealed it won't be long until they hear the track and a music video they recorded in New York.

Speaking to Spain's CADENA 100 radio station, Miley said of the track: “It’s perfectly a blend of the both of us, I’m super proud of it.

"I'm really excited for our fans to hear it because they've been begging for it, seriously, it's all I ever hear from both of our fans that they want to hear the record that we did together."

Asked if they've recorded a video for the song, she added: "We were both in New York and we ended up putting something together that I don't want to give away too much about ... but the fans can expect something pretty soon."

Miley's upcoming LP also features Mark Ronson on the track ‘High’, and the pop star recently admitted it's one of her favorites on the album and that it was penned when she was working on her sobriety.

She said: "When I called Mark that day to get in the studio, I had said to him 'I was gonna call you, or someone that I shouldn't.'

"This was also at the time when I was working on getting sober and kind of figuring out sobriety and was like, if I can't get high, I'm just going to write about it.

"It's one of my favorite songs off the record."