Miley Cyrus’ much hyped Bangerz debuted at the top of the Billboard Chart this week, because of course it did. Miley’s “strategic hot mess” of public appearances in the past three months left little doubt that the album would sell like hot cakes (what are hot cakes anyway?) Not only did Cyrus conquer Billboard, with 270 000 copies sold, Bangerz also reached the top of the iTunes chart in the US, as well as 69 other countries, including the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Miley Cyrus, Rockefeller Center
Congratulations, Ms Cyrus!

In some countries - New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Argentina, Portugal, Sweden, among others - the record only made the top ten, which is still quite an accomplishment. As Bangerz charts all across the world, the buzz created by Cyrus going in the nude in Wrecking Ball is beginning to wear off by now, but Miley has been going on a string of promotional appearances of late. So much so, that she now needs a bit of rest to recover.

Miley Cyrus, Rockefeller Center
It's no surprise that Bangerz debuted at Number 1.

"Miley still is battling a cold," a source told

"Too%20Weird%20To%20Live,%20Too%20Rare%20To%20Die!"%20is%20the%20#2%20album%20this%20week!%20So%20we're%20right%20behind%20 E! News. "She wore herself down through the VMAs to album launch and was exhausted after the Ellen appearance."

On the upside, that left time for a bit of banter with the band in second place, Panic! At The Disco. Panic! tweeted at Miley with the following: "'Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!' is the #2 album this week! So we're right behind @MileyCyrus & being behind a twerker isn't a bad view."

Miley responded cheerfully: "Congrats this week," and later added "lezzzz celebrate #topspotzzz."