On Friday night, Miley Cyrus rode a giant hot dog, put on fake buckteeth and twerked on some furry animals. No, that’s not a typical night out for the rebellious singer (at least we think it isn’t), Miley just kicked off her Bangerz tour to a rousing start in Vancouver (February 14). And don’t worry, there was no animal abuse involved – the “animals” were just people in furry costumes.

But on to the question du jour – did the first night of Bangerz actually live up to the hype? Really, the words “giant hot dog” should speak for themselves, but the Cyrus’ shows have a lot to offer beyond plastic food replicas too.

Miley Cyrus, Pre-Grammy Party
Cyrus has spent an entire year building up to this tour.

So far, despite the considerable shock-and-awe factor that accompanies every one of Miley’s public appearances, her performance has received mostly favorable reviews. Rolling Stone’s Denise Sheppard pays due attention to Miley’s impressive vocals, writing: “Without question, she proved that talent beyond any doubt: unlike many stadium shows, there was no vocal "doubling" (singing along to a track of oneself), and she was only mildly supported by her background vocalists. In fact, Miley's music was front and center for much of the night, and from beginning to end – roughly 100 minutes long – she nailed her vocals throughout the entertaining evening.”

There were even a few patriotic moments, a la Party in the USA.

Not that there wasn’t plenty of tongue-wagging and excess– this is Miley Cyrus we’re talking about, after all. The woman still has a certain long-haired, blonde alter ego to bury under piles of gold clothing. Speaking of, fashion was clearly the other focus of the show. Designers Roberto Cavalli, Jeremy Scott, the Blonds and Marc Jacobs all made outfits specifically for this tour, and Cyrus also purchased vintage Bob Mackie outfits for the occasion.

Cyrus is clearly trying to put the focus on her music with the Bangerz tour. But for those fans, who enjoy her over the top stage persona more than anything, don’t worry. She makes her stage entrance by sliding down a giant tongue, coming out of a projection of herself. That’s enough to recommend the show right there. The next show on the Bangerz schedule is on Sunday (February 16) at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Wash.