It’s that time of the year again – time for the annual Jingle Balls across the land to remind us the highlights and most talked about performers in the US – even the ones we’d rather forget. Case in point: Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke appearing on the same stage once again at the New York event. The NY Z100 Jingle Ball, held at Madison Square Garden on Friday, had arguably the most hyped performances of all similar celebrations this year, with Cyrus, Thicke and Lindsay Lohan (of all people) making an appearance.

Lindsay Lohan, Z100 Jingle Ball
Seriously though, is that shirt available online?

That’s right. It looks like everyone’s favorite mean girl is serious about restoring her tarnished public image, as she appeared happy and healthy and posed for snaps with fans before the event. Lindsay was there to announce fellow rebellious starlet Miley Cyrus, but she also stole some of her thunder with her mere appearance. Sporting messy hair and a t-shirts saying SAME OLD CHIC, LiLo looked as cool as ever.

Miley Cyrus, Z100 Jingle Ball
One more image that'll be seared into your mind forever.

But the spotlight quickly returned to Miley, as the second most discussed person of the year (we gotta give it to Beyonce after recent events) closed the show and destroyed everyone’s childhood memories by grinding on Santa. Nothing is sacred and innocence is an illusion. But seriously folks, if you go off to google video of the event at this point, we wouldn’t blame you. Oh yeah, and she sang some songs too, namely Party in the USA (how apt), “Don’t Stop Now”, her new single “Adore You”. She also covered the rather seasonally inappropriate “Summertime Sadness” by Lana del Ray.

And for added good vibes, check out Lindsay being total BFFs with Miley in a tweet below.