Miles Kane was ''nervous'' when he worked with Paul Weller for the first time.

The 'Inhaler' hitmaker has teamed up with the former Jam rocker on a number of tracks on his forthcoming second solo album and says he was very inspired by the 'That's Entertainment' singer.

Miles said: ''The first time I went I was nervous, I'm not gonna lie.

''But he's such an easy-going guy and we're mates now, we've done a few sessions together. It's inspiring, his work ethic and his positivity as well.

''I couldn't speak highly enough of it and it really spurred me on to push myself as well, that was the thing I gained the most from it. We came up with some crackers.''

Miles is already looking forward to his next recording session with his new friend.

He added to NME magazine: ''Me and Paul have written a song called 'You're Gonna Get It'. That's a great song, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

''We did about four songs together and we're gonna record one more. It's a slowie and we're gonna try and do it as a live thing in Sarm Studios.''