Miles Kane insists he isn't bothered by fame because he's ''not Elvis''.

The 'Bombshells' singer thinks his rise to stardom has been gradual but was surprised by the reaction from fans when he played in Russia recently.

Miles told BANG Showbiz: ''We did go to Russia recently and they bombarded us with gifts, drawings, teddies, even biscuits and vodka. This one girl drew me and the band in this book, it was very funny.

''They love giving over there and they're really into their tunes, we've been twice now. I was very surprised by the reaction.''

He continued: ''I don't think I've always had massive hype, it's been gradual. We've built it up from playing little clubs.

''It feels like we've got a solid foundation to keep on growing and there's a long road ahead, there's so many more things to experience and write about.''

The star, who is now reportedly dating 'Made In Chelsea' star Rosie Fortescue, has had a lot of attention after been linked to the likes of model Sukie Waterhouse and MTV presenter Laura Whitmore.

But he doesn't see himself as a celebrity, adding: ''It's not like I'm Elvis, in my mind I'm still a new artist.

''But if someone asks for a photograph, it's cool, it doesn't really bother me, it's not like it's mental.''