Legendary jazz star Miles Davis is the subject of a forthcoming biography penned by his son - which shows his "brilliant DOCTOR JEKYLL and dark MR HYDE personality".

GREGORY DAVIS JR believes the book KIND OF BLUE will be an honest account of his father's life including his mood swings and death in 1991 at the age of 65, but it's already tearing the family apart.

Davis Jr says his sister CHERYL, a beneficiary, "threw it into the fireplace".

He continues, "My younger brother and I have not received one penny from Dad's estate as she has accountants and lawyers guarding it.

"My father wanted to see me before he died. That doesn't sound like he wanted to disinherit me but there were a lot of vultures about.

"My family are arrogant about the book as they're already millionaires and don't need it but I'm writing it to continue my father's legacy."

24/08/2004 13:43