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Milburn, are the latest touted champions of new wave indie rock. Hot on the heels of theie Sheffield contemporaries Artic Monkeys, Milburn (Joe Carnall - Vocals/Bass, Louis Carnall - Guitar/Vocals, Tom Rowley - Lead Guitar and Joe Green - Drums) have already amassed an notable CV including all the stalwart festivals, top 20 hits and impressing the right people (Zane Lowe, Mercury Records et al).

So to their Album Sampler, of which has been recorded at Jacobs Studio in Surrey, Produced by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers and Ash) and should be released on 25th September. Generally speaking, it's all bristly riffs and melodious vocals overlapping to produce a style beyond their teenage years.

As great as all three of their singles are (Cheshire Cat Smile, Send In The Boys and Lipstick Licking), it would have been great to hear some more of the album that is being put together. However, we do get three other new tracks to muse over.

"What You Could Have Won", "What About Next Time" and "Storm In A Teacup" all show all the hallmarks and characteristics of other potential singles. They are all cleverly worked tracks laden with …….well, spiky, emotional, furious expectedly formulated new wave stuff. Which without listening to the album in full is it's miniscule draw back. 6 songs of similar high quality yet no variation. Don't mistake my annotations as criticism. I merely would love to hear whether there is any diversity to their song writing talents and performance, I guess I shall have to wait like the rest until September.

All being said, Milburn are a vibrant, solid and articulate composite reflecting the changing mood and sound of an emerging area of creativity (namely Sheffield), and may yet overtake their more famous cousins who have already got you looking good on the dance floor. Well these guys will probably keep you there and have you sweating with glee!


Elliott Bambrough

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