Mila Kunis has a never ending list of talents, besides being a great actress, multilingual, generally intelligent and absolutely stunning, she is now having a go at producing. If it's like anything else she has ever done, it's bound to be a great success.

Kunis is set to produce a brand new show called Meridian Hills. It's a drama, set in the '70s. The Hollywood Reporter has described it as: "set in a boozy Midwest country club in 1972, during an era when the Equal Rights Amendment was just beginning. The drama follows a young, newly married woman who joins the Junior League and discovers an eclectic group of other young women who become unlikely allies in her quest to change the system." The premise sounds brilliant, at once filling a gap in the market as well as lining up alongside female run and female centred shows, such as Lena Dunham's 'Girls'. 

Kunis is not yet set to be seen on screen, but hopefully she'll have a great cast and behind the scenes she already has some pretty impressive colleagues including, Sydney Sidner (writer), Eric and Kim Tennenbaum, plus Cami and Susan Curtis, who took care of Black Swan. We've no dates available for filming or release as yet, but nevertheless, we're pretty excited.