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Tyson Comperes Morrison Gig

Former boxing champion MIKE TYSON will be master of ceremony at the launch of his rapper friend MARK 'THE MACK' MORRISON's comeback album tomorrow night (24MAR06). Tyson will help promote British Morrison's new disc INNOCENT...

Trump Upset Over Book Claims He Bedded Robin Givens

Property tycoon-turned-reality TV star DONALD TRUMP has slammed the author of a new unauthorised biography for claiming he once had an affair with actress ROBIN GIVENS. Trump states he feels "betrayed" by author TIMOTHY...

Tyson's 'Pathetic' Street Life

Boxer MIKE TYSON labels his life a "total waste" now his ruined career has forced him to turn to pals and homeless shelters in a desperate search for a bed. The former heavyweight champion...

Tyson: I Want To Marry Luz

Former heavyweight champ MIKE TYSON is desperate to marry his model-turned-actress girlfriend LUZ WHITNEY - but "she's not interested" at the moment. Badboy boxer Tyson, 37, has fallen in love with the 26-year-old BAMBOOZLED...

Campbell's Picky About Partners

Feisty British supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL is very fussy when it comes to choosing a partner - she will only go out with a man who has a strong character and won't hold her back....

Tyson: 'I'd Rape Her For Real This Time'

Heavyweight hell-raiser MIKE TYSON has again denied raping pageant contestant DESIREE WASHINGTON - but insists he'd do it now if he could, and add her mother to the list. In an explosive interview...

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