There will be a Situation returning to television! Mike Sorrentino, who rose to fame after starring on MTV's hit reality show 'Jersey Shore,' will now headline his own series.

The 31 year-old will be the star of a new show on the TV Guide Network called 'The Sorrentinos', the network announced on Monday (March 31st).

Mike will be joined by his mother Linda, sister Melissa, and older brothers Marc and Frank.

According to a press release, viewers will be able to see what happened when Sorrentino, AKA 'The Situation,' had his "meteoric rise" to fame after starring in 'Jersey Shore' from 2009 until 2012.

The network dubs the new series as a "docu-comedy," and will depict "What happens after overnight superstardom based on bad behaviour."

The fist-pumping Jersey native infamously entered a rehabilitation facility in 2012 after he developed an addiction to prescription drugs.

"The reality of the situation is...for the first time, fans and the general public, will be able to see and, well, meet Michael Sorrentino," the Situation said to Entertainment Weekly. "This next chapter of my life is about sobriety and family, and I'm stoked to take people on this journey with us."

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Mike isn't the first 'Jersey Shore' alum to launch another reality TV career, former co-stars JWoww and Snooki have featured in several other shows, and Paul DelVecchio launched 'The Pauly D Project'.

"We're excited to take viewers, who met Mike in a very different time and place of his life, and bring them along for this ride with The Sorrentinos," said Brad Schwartz, president of entertainment for TVGN. "Family is everything and it's something people universally come back to no matter who you are and what you do. Fame just makes the stakes higher and more public."

Production begins in next week and there has been no premiere date announced.